Safe use of the Park

The park is available for a number of different user groups so it is important that everyone takes responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.   This page serves as a guide to help park users to get the most out of their visit.ยท

  • Walkers have right of way.

Walkers are the most vulnerable users of the pathways so give them plenty of room if you are on a bike or on horseback.    

  • Please keep your dogs under control.

Please use a lead if you have one

Pick up after your dog-bags are available from the wardens!


  • Cyclists, please keep your speed down.

High speed can make it difficult to stop

Try to warn others of your approach, but remember that other users may not hear your bell.


  • Drivers, stick to 6mph on the park

Or even leave your vehicle in the main car park-the walk will do you good!


  • Horse riders, please keep to a walking pace.

This will reduce the chance of collision.


  • Fishermen, be careful of other park users.

Always check behind you before casting.


  • Please use the pathways sensibly

Cyclists are advised to wear safety helmets

Cycling with your dog on a lead can be very dangerous.


  • Be safe around the lakes

Take care when approaching the lakes, remember, the banks may be slippery and area of the lake are deep.


  • Do not remove or tamper with life buoys

The buoys are to be used in an emergency, if they are removed from a station it could cost someone their life.


  • Do not use motorbikes on the anywhere on the park

This type of behaviour can cause serious injury and distress to other park users.

Noise can also spoil others enjoyment of the park.


  • Please respect the property of adjoining landowners.

There is no public access to the land surrounding the park, please respect this.


  • Be considerate to other park users.

Not doing so could spoil others enjoyment of the park.



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