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About Good news for Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station Development

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Bus station statement by Council Leader Cllr Kevin O'Neill: 
“Following a statement made today by Economy and Transport Minister Ken Skates, as the Leader of the Independent-controlled Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, I’m delighted to report that we are even more optimistic that the hard work we’ve put into securing support for a new bus station in Merthyr Tydfil is going to result in it going ahead.
“The Council has submitted a Local Transport Fund application to commence work on the new station in this calendar year.
“The application is over a two-year period requesting £3.6million in 2019/20 and £6.5m in 2020/21. We’re confident that the Minister will approve our funding as part of the wider Metro programme.
“The bus station development will complement the significant investment by Welsh Government in the Core Valley Lines Rail Network.
“This leadership is also working with Welsh Government, Transport for Wales and the Valleys Taskforce to create an integrated masterplan to ensure that the new bus and rail investments create an integrated transport solution that will facilitate an exciting new phase of regeneration for Merthyr Tydfil town centre and its wider communities.


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