Geocaching combines location based gaming, social networking, treasure hunting, GPS navigation and outdoor recreation to create a fun activity for all the family. Created by Dave Ulmer in 2000 there are now nearly 2 million geocaches hidden worldwide and a great many in the wider Merthyr area which are just waiting to be discovered.


So, what is geocache? It is a name given for the treasure you need to find to complete the game. These caches can vary greatly in shape and size (from inch high container to a large box) and can be hidden or immediately apparent. To find them you will need to register online and put co-ordinates into your GPS/smartphone. Then the hunt can begin…


When you find the chance you should complete the cache logbook (all caches, no matter how small, will have a log book) and log your experience online. If there is an item to take it is asked that you leave something of equal or greater value.


As you embark on your geocaching adventure always dress appropriately for the outdoors, always adhere to appropriate footpaths and respect landowner’s private property, and always follow the country code.


Active Merthyr Tydfil in partnership with Merthyr Leisure Trust has developed a promotional campaign to highlight geocaching in the park.


You can now hire a GPS unit from Cyfarthfa Museum and use it to go on a digital treasure hunt throughout Cyfarthfa park.


Please note a deposit from an adult is needed for the GPS unit at the museum reception.


Active Merthyr Tydfil would like to thank the Gurnos Mens Group and the come outside project for all their work on maintaining and developing this great outdoor activity throughout Merthyr Tydfil.


We hope you enjoy the video.