The 110ft high embankment is holding back 15,400 megalitres of water.


The reservoir is popular with sailors, anglers and picnickers. 


Taff Fechan Burial Ground – Bethlehem Chapel


Bethlehem Independent Chapel, now submerged in Pontstiticll reservoir, first opened its doors on 4th Feb 1829. The first minister was William David, a former lay preacher of Ynysgau Chapel. The small community congregation thrived for over 90 years, but by 1913 with the proposed creation of the Pontsticill reservoir, the chapel was relocated to the centre of village life in Pontsticill. A farewell meeting at the old chapel was held on 14th Sept 1925 when the new chapel opened. 


By 1968, with a dwindling congregation, the new chapel was sold for private use.


The enigmatic ruins of the old chapel slowly rise from the waters during rare times of drought. 


Most interments were moved to a new burial ground provided by the Taf Fechan Water Board at Pontsticill, Vaynor, in 1926.