The Red Kite Trail - Gelligaer & Merthyr Common

Discover The Red Kite Trail - Gelligaer & Merthyr Common

The Red Kite Trail - Gelligaer & Merthyr Common

The trail starts and finished at the Rock UK Summit Centre between the villages of Trelewis and Bedlinog. There are three circular routes of varying distances to choose from, all of which enter Gelligaer & Merthyr Common, offering magnificent views of the Taf Bargoed area. The Trail is named after the Red Kite or Barcud Coch in Welsh, which can often be seen flying in the local area.

The trail is fully waymarked with coloured waymarking discs, just follow the white footprints from the Summit Centre car park to get going. The centre has ample parking, offers a variety of adventure activities, toilets and most importantly a great café. A paned (cuppa in Welsh) and cake is a must after any great walk!

Summit Centre Red Kite Trail start point 


Gelligaer Common

Despite at first glance appearing deserted there is more to Gelligaer than meets the eye – its complex history of fact and legend has left interesting Roman and Medieval remains. Among its gems is a megalithic burial mound at Carn Bugail, the Cen Gelligaer Stone and the remnants of Capel Gwladys, the mother of Tydfil the Martyr from which Merthyr Tydfil gets its name.

 Gelligaer and Merthyr Common Capel Gwladys


The Red Kite Trail in the Gelligaer & Merthyr Common circular walk is just one of a series of trails running right through the county borough that encapsulates the area's history complemented by miles and miles of natural beauty. So if you want to take time to stop at one of our amazing adventure attractions, learn about our history, shop, eat, sleep or just take a moment to savour the breath-taking scenery. Merthyr has it all. 


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We hope you enjoy the Red Kite Trail by whatever means you've chosen, but please travel responsibly. Take care of yourself, your surroundings and each other. Download your information leaflets below.

 Mental Wellbeing                                  Enjoy Nature Responsibly                Hiking Safely



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Alongside Treasuring our Trails we have a responsibility to ensure we, as custodians, maintain them for generations to come. Please respect the countryside and each other.

Find more information and guidance from The Wildlife Trust at the link below.

Wildlife Trust - Taf Fechan Nature ReserveThe Wildlife Trust - Taf Fechan Nature Reserve

Follow the Countryside Code.  Find more information and guidance at the link below.

 Natural Resources Wales Countryside Code


Ramblers Cymru- Find out more about Ramblers Cymru by clicking the link below.

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