Town Centre Advertising Banners

At Merthyr Tydfil we are passionate about our local businesses and events. If you are a business or running an event wanting to advertise within Merthyr Tydfil, we have 41 targeted lamppost banners on offer within the Town Centre that can be installed at:

  • The whole length of Avenue De Clichy (this continues along a section to Merthyr Tydfil College)
  • The main gateway from the A470 from Rhydycar approaching link road ('A' frame bridge exit down to EE and Aldi)
  • The main gateway from the A470 from the Cyfarthfa Retail Park down to the site of Cyfarthfa Ironworks
  • Cyfarthfa Castle and Park

The price, which will include design alterations, print and installation may vary throughout different periods of the year. If you require more information or are interested in advertising within our town centre, please contact our staff at or on 01685 725000 who will be happy to help. 


Last Updated - Thu - 01 / Oct / 20